Mertsan Thermosifon started its activities in 1999 in Köseköy Industrial Estate on 500 m 2 . In addition to the production of Solid Fuel and Electric Water Heaters, it also manufactures boilers for boiler rooms. Mertsan solar energy systems have made the best use of the opportunities provided by technology over time and delivered their products to the end users through its dealers throughout the country with expert staff and teamwork. Mertsan Thermosifon, which went on to increase its capacity in 2005, started Solar Energy Manufacturing in 1600 m2 closed and 1400 m2 open area.

Chrome and brass fasteners that do not harm human health are used in chrome tanks, which are produced by solar energy systems with the latest system automated seam welding machines.

Setting out with the principle of quality first, Mertsan Solar Energy aims to expand its sales network in Turkey. Solar Energy is actually the source of all energies used today, including fossil fuels (oil, coal). It is our atomic reactor in the sky. Traditional energy sources harm the environment and the problem of the age is causing global warming. As you know, fossil fuels (oil, natural gas and coal resources) are being depleted rapidly. At this point, Solar Energy Systems can come into play and offer you the heat energy it receives from the sun as heat energy without suffering the losses incurred while the energy sources change their form. In order to overcome these problems, researches are carried out to apply renewable energy sources such as Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Biomass in different sectors.

While making applications that contribute to the preheating processes, Mertsan Energy provides full support with project design services in this regard. It provides comprehensive services for domestic water heating and meeting the hot water needs of large structures such as hotels, holiday villages, sites, cooperatives, hospitals, military units and public buildings. In addition, our company has ISO 9001-2000 Certificate and Quality Conformity Certificates. Setting out with the principle of quality first, Mertsan Solar Energy aims to expand its sales network in Turkey.

Mertsan Energy; Our company, which has become conscious of quality and environmental values ​​since the day it was founded, continues to work with this awareness.